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Providing as many services as possible

Dental Care

Veterans Service Officer

Dental Care

We are providing FREE dental care for veterans. We are also providing FREE dental care for spouses also.

We provide check ups and cleanings. If more care is needed we will schedule a dental buss to take care of dental needs.

Service is provided Bi-weekly on Wednesday starting at 9:30am

next appointment is on 11/24/22

If you have questions please contact

(360) 740-8875


Peer Counseling 

Peer counseling is speaking with another person with similar life experiences. We aim to meet people where they are and work with them instead of telling them where they should be. We are all peers and it is our duty to help each other weather the storm. 

Veteran Service Officer

We want to provide care for veterans that other organizations fall short on. Veterans Service Officers can help veterans file claims and dispute their records. Navigating veterans services should not be this difficult and we are dedicated on being the change.

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Mental health is a cornerstone for veterans' services. We will be doing training for Certified Peer Counseling and Veteran Service Officers. We will be doing additional activities to cover mental health issues and suicide prevention. 

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