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Disc golf can play a significant role in improving the mental health of veterans for several reasons. Its unique combination of physical activity, social interaction, and connection with nature provides a range of mental health benefits tailored to the specific needs of veterans. 

Disc golf is often played in groups, providing an opportunity for veterans to socialize, build camaraderie, and form supportive connections with others. Social interaction is vital for combatting feelings of isolation and loneliness, which are common challenges for many veterans.

Schaefer County Park


Hyzer Heros is assisting in the clearing of hazardous underbrush in Schaefer Park to build a disc golf course for the community.

A local disc golf course will make it possible for veterans to come together and build bonds that they have lost after leaving the service.

Come Join us!

We are so happy to have people join us on our Journey. 

If you would like to join click the button below. We post on our Facebook frequently and organize events.

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